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What is a brand & why is it important?

It is a common misconception that a brand is a logo. To put it simply, a brand is the personality of a business. It is how it looks, how it communicates and how it represents its core values and services. To maintain strong relationships with our clients, and to gain brand recognition within our industry, it is imperative we communicate consistently and clearly at all times.


The Savanta Brand

In business, knowledge and foresight make the difference. Anyone who can help clients outsmart the competition will fast become their new best friend. This is exactly what we do. We uncover the facts and put practical insights into our clients’ hands.

Making Better Decisions is the promise we make to our clients, and it’s the promise we live by everyday at Savanta.

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Our Logo

Our logo is the face of our company. It is iconic, confident and is created by two elements, the wordmark and a graphic device.

Our graphic device is the colon. In punctuation it signals that something of profound interest is about to be revealed. To our clients, the colon heralds the arrival of powerful insights that enable them to ‘Make Better Decisions’.

As a symbol it is playful, relevant and it’s all ours.



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In all office documents please always use the Georgia typeface.


If you are ever getting anything graphically designed please send our Brand Guidelines as this details alternative typefaces (SangBleu Versailles Regular and Roboto) which can be used for this purpose only

Colour Palette

Core colours 

We want our brand to stand out from all of our competitors, to do this we have a strong and bold colour palette. Our primary colour palette consists of three core colours; Pink, Black and White. When using these colours please ensure that all content is legible. If required tints can be used, however pink should never be tinted – this strengthens our brand recognition and ownership of our core brand colour.


Savanta Pink

CMYK 00/42/20/00

RGB 244/173/179

Hex #F5AEB3

Pantone 700C


Savanta Black

CMYK 30/43/15/100

RGB 000/000/000

Hex #000000

Pantone Process Black c

Secondary Colours

Only to be used for graphs and charts, where more colours are needed. As secondary colours will primarily be used online and in digital executions we have not aligned any Pantone references. However, for items such as reports that may need printing we have CMYK breakdowns. The secondary colours shouldn’t be tinted below 25%, due to legibility. These colours should only be used as complimentary to and not instead of the 100% variation.

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Primary colours should be used dominantly, with
secondary colours as accents/supporting colours.



CMYK 94/59/43/24 

RGB 14/80/102 

Hex #0E5066 




CMYK 01/40/71/00 

RGB 246/170/87 

Hex #F6AA57 




CMYK 06/77/56/00 

RGB 226/88/92 

Hex #E2585C 



CMYK 60/08/04/10

RGB 93/174/212

Hex #5DAED4 



CMYK 60/07/35/18

RGB 94/161/155

Hex #5EA19B 



CMYK 59/62/05/00 

RGB 59/62/05/00 

Hex #7F6BA8 

Tone of Voice

The way we communicate counts

If you’re creating any kind of communication for Savanta, this guide is for you.

It ensures we have a consistent and recognisable voice that carries across everything we do – from talking on the phone with a new prospect, to writing a report for a client we’ve known for years. No matter the audience, this is the way we speak to and write for them.

Interested and interesting but never condescending

We are driven by relentless curiosity, and it shows

We devour mountains of data – dividing, segmenting, analysing and interpreting – to transform information into insight that guides action. We are also endlessly curious about the world, with a desire to ask the questions that unearth deeper levels of understanding – that’s how we are able to find new and surprising points of view to help our clients make better decisions.

Confident and credible but never smug

We are the trusted experts that people count on.

We are the information authority across multiple topics and industries, with a wealth of expertise and insights. We speak with the courage of our convictions, without stubbornness, and share relevant, valuable and useful content that offers intelligent and insightful points of view. Our confidence gives our clients confidence.

Honest and human but never overfamiliar

We’re talking to people, so we talk like people.

There’s no point in having as much knowledge to share as we do if we’re not able to connect on a human level with the people we’re talking to.

When we communicate it’s with warmth and personality, and even when the truth may be uncomfortable to hear, or goes against current trends, we share it with honesty, clarity and diplomacy.

Taken all that in?