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BrandVue’s roots lie within the Big Restaurant Survey developed in 2010 as a syndicated brand tracker, allowing for tracking of consumer perceptions of over 200 restaurant brands through surveys conducted every six months. The product was built as a reporting tool which allowed for a ‘hero’ brand to be highlighted and then benchmarked against competitors. Similarly to BrandVue today, following the selection of the ‘hero’ brand, the user was then able to create a report from the aggregated data. The big restaurant survey proved extremely popular within the restaurant industry, quickly becoming a market leader and helping to define the market acquiring over 30 clients. The main competitor at the time was that of the YouGov BrandIndex which had a similar offering, however the differentiating factor was that the competitor’s surveys were binary, suffering from respondent fatigue and lacking in robustness. An opportunity was identified in the market for a high-quality daily brand tracker that could achieve both what the YouGov brand index and the Big Restaurant Survey were known for and more. Over time, the Big Restaurant Survey evolved into what we now know as BrandVue.


What is BrandVue?

BrandVue is a syndicated daily brand tracker measuring your brands market performance through the eyes of your consumers. Through compiling over 100,000 survey responses from a representative sample of the UK population, BrandVue can help your organisation identify not only your internal strengths and weaknesses, but also potential opportunities within the wider marketplace by not only showing consumer attitudes toward your brand, but also that of your direct and indirect competition. The BrandVue tool allows for the outputting of data into visual reports, easing the process of demonstrating ROI and KPIs to key stakeholders in your organisation.

BrandVue can add value not to just the brands that are being tracked but also Non Core Brands, Advertising Agencies, Investment Companies and Holding Companies. It offers significant value to these business and provides a tool to enable these businesses to make better decisions.

Core Brands

Create streamlined monthly executive and investor reports
The BrandVue platform allows for the generation of presentable visual charts, allowing for clear and informative reports to be created quickly for effective reporting to various key stakeholders in your organisation.

Identify new opportunities within the market
The platform allows your brand to view what is happening in the marketplace and how other brands are performing. This in turn allows you to see where your brand fits within the wider landscape of the market, identifying how your brand can improve upon or retain its market position and understanding where there is risk or opportunity within your own brand.

Develop insight-driven plan to attract the right audiences to your brand through targeted marketing strategies.
Gather evidence before investing resources in new opportunities like a brand refresh or new advertising campaign. Gaining a deeper understanding of the consumer journey and what motivates the clients target audience through BrandVue CX metrics and using insight from our Brand Health metrics to track strategies, optimising how you communicate to the right audiences, at the right time, and in the right place improving your Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS).

Target and measure the performance of regional campaigns
BrandVue’s ability to filter data by regions allows brands to measure the performance of the brands across the country. If your brand targets specific regions, this allows for a more accurate identification of the strengths and weaknesses of your brand as seen through the eyes of your consumers. Using regional specific data allows you to in turn benchmark your brand across specific regions of the UK. for example, if your brand is stronger in London, your brand communication teams may in turn focus national campaigns in the regions of the UK in which your brand is weaker.

Build evidence-based business cases
Use BrandVue in order to develop business cases from real world customer insights. See where opportunities lie and justify your propositions using the data on both yours and your competitor’s brands.

Identify new audiences and see where your customers sit on the purchase funnel
See which stage your brands customers sit on in the purchase funnel. Build awareness, consideration and subsequent brand loyalty through segmenting the different needs of your consumer base.

Use in conjunction with your internal brand tracker in order to gain a wider picture of the market
Use the BrandVue tool in conjunction with your existing performance tracker(s) in order to gain a wider view of the opportunities and threats within the marketplace through analysing not only your brands performance, but that of your competitors.

Optimise your pricing strategy
Monitor your customers perception of yours and your competitors pricing strategy through the BVEO customer experience metrics. Drive sales growth through adapting your pricing strategy in accordance to your core customer base.

Tailor your menu and experience in order to gain a competitive advantage
Make real-world, insight driven strategic choices in order to improve your bottom line. Cater toward your target customers demand and identify opportunities to differentiate your products from your competition.

Keep up with ever changing trends within the industry
Is it ‘on-the-go’ dining? The impact of offers or deals? Has the influence of new payment methods recently changed? The eating out sector is always evolving – BV EO can help you track this in real time.

Create a business model to be prepared for future trends
Apart from understanding the current trends, the overtime view matched up with various metrics with an incredibly agile survey structure will help you gain a visualized view of what the future looks like for the industry and your brand.

Linking buyer behaviour with their consumer profile
BVEO helps you create a correlation or a link between a set of various behavioural traits and the customer groups who demonstrate these qualities. Optimising your store experience and communication towards your target buyer has never been easier!

Non-Core Brands

Although we may not be tracking a particular brand there are significant advantageous/ value to be gained for these businesses:

Identify and attract new audiences
Use the customer experience metrics in order to understand the customer-base of the market better and identify targeting opportunities.

 Monitor the performance of key competitors
Gain an insight into the brand performance of your closest competitors giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Optimise your pricing strategy
Monitor your customers perception of your competitors pricing strategy through the BVEO customer experience metrics and drive sales growth through adapting a competitive pricing strategy.

Tailor your menu and experience in order to gain a competitive advantage
When entering new markets BVEO allows your business to make real-world, insight driven strategic choices in order to improve your bottom line. Catering your product offering toward your target customers demand through analysing the market demand and your competition customer experience.

Gain a wider view of the marketplace
Understand the wider of the opportunities and threats within the marketplace through using BrandVue in conjunction with your existing brand trackers.

Spot consumer trends in the market
Better understand your competitions customer journey and make strategic decisions in order to drive your own bottom-line and generate sales

Become a more resilient organisation
Interrogate important trends revealed by the research, including how the public sees the eating out sector and what they think about the brands on our system. These insights will help you understand how your brands income might be affected, so you can future-proof your brand.

Advertising Agencies

Track the impact of advertising campaigns
Monitor the performance of your advertising campaign independently from your client using BrandVue’s daily tracker. Use insights from our research to monitor the impact before, during and after a campaign in terms of advertising awareness, net buzz, brand awareness, image characteristics and preference.

Gain a better insight into your clients target audience
From using the BrandVue tool, your account planners can gain a better understanding of consumers perceptions of brands before you even secure a contract, allowing for a deep understanding of what motivates their target audience through metrics such as customer experience and demand and usage. 

Create a more powerful creative brief to create better ideas faster
Inspire and intrigue creative teams. Rather than just transcribing the clients marketing jargon, inform the creative team through the inclusion of visual insights to allow for a greater understanding of the customer and the marketplace agency in order to ignite the creative process.

Track the campaigns of competing agencies
Gain powerful insights into the performance of competitor’s campaigns, helping you forecast competitors moves as well as assess any new threats or untapped market opportunities.

Easier reporting of performance to key stakeholders
Create visual reports using the BrandVue platform in order to demonstrate to key stakeholders’ campaign ROI.

“Advertisers who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore the signs of the enemy”

David Ogilvy

Holding Companies

Monitor the real-world performance of your core assets
Track and benchmark your key asset performance against one another using the BrandVue platform’s brand attention and health metrics.

Gain a better insight into your assets target audience
Gain a deeper understanding of your assets core market in order to better diversify your portfolio.

Identify new opportunities within the market
In conjunction with primary research, expand your portfolio through being able to analyse brand metrics of target organisations.

Cost effective asset management
Through BV EO you are heavily supported in developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading and even disposing acquired assets within the eating out sector, cost effectively. With real time tracking, you are enabled to be more in control of your investments!

Be a global brand though a well-informed expansion strategy
TGI, Prezzo and Wagamama are some of the biggest brands that have seen incredible expansion over the recent years – what these brands have in common is that they are primarily controlled by private equity groups who expect immense return on investment.

As an investor, you are always looking for the same thing, return on investment. When having the controlling share of the brand, you are looking to improve your brands prominence and dominance. BV EO will help in the process by taking you on a tour on a regional level exploring various demographics of consumers to show you the right path for your brand.

Taken all that in?