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Supporting and developing our talent is a critical goal within Savanta – supporting the best people and ideas wherever they come from.  We don’t want to conform to corporate or restricted line management practices but to enable flexibility and growth in people’s career development. For this reason, career management is very much a two-way exchange and relationship focused on ideas, empowerment and ownership.

‘Savanteers’ are generally speaking self-starters and in control of their own destiny.  They take responsibility and they make things happen.  Career Managers are therefore enablers.  Their role is to enable you to do the best possible job and fulfil your potential which means you can expect five things from them.

  They will:
  • Lead by example
  • Take an active interest in your professional development
  • Ensure you have the tools and training you need to be effective
  • Ensure you have the opportunity to learn through experience
  • Ensure your role is stimulating and enjoyable
And they expect you to:
  • Take real pride in what you do
  • Always give your very best
  • Show commitment to Savanta and its values
  • Have a passion to help grow Savanta and constantly make it better
  • Speak out if you’re ever unhappy about anything – we can make it better

The role of a Career Manager

Being a Career Manager is not an essential outcome for everyone.  Not all people want to, or can be, the best Career Managers and we recognise these and the wider skills and development goals of our team; ensuring people focus on the areas they want to develop within their career. Being a Career Manager is not therefore the only route to progression.

However, if you are or want to be a Career Manager. The following are our expectations of you:

  • Act as a champion for the business, helping build a small team (within the greater team) that provides mutual support and a sense of belonging
  • Understand the motivations, aspirations, goals and timelines of your reports and help facilitate their journey, understanding that not everyone is the same or wants the same things from their career
  • Support pastoral needs, with the support of senior management and specialist functions, e.g. HR, Talent and Culture, Resource Management
  • Be aware of, and if necessary, help manage workload and capacity in conjunction with Resource Management / Senior Leadership (NB; Resource Management still integral to the Career Manager role within Operations, Client Development and Group functions)
  • Capture feedback on how people are performing on projects across different leads and address/raise issues or concerns
  • Understand training and development needs and create a plan to achieve these, in line with Savanta learning and development goals and programme
  • Ensure ongoing effective communication and guidance, recognising and addressing both good and poor performance, even if that means having ‘difficult conversations’
  • Conduct appraisals and proactively manage against personal development plans to ensure people develop their skills and career
    • Formal appraisals conducted bi-annually (December – January, June – July)
    • Informal monthly check-ins
  • Represent people fairly and objectively in bonus discussions

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Career Management is a skill

Career Management is a skill, however one often learnt through personal experience of having being ‘managed’ before.  Within Savanta we are committed to giving Career Managers the skills to effectively fulfil this role.

FY2020 sees the launch of Savanta-wide Career Management training (UK and Americas).  Initially through an external trainer, and then by bringing this in-house, all career managers – now and future – will undergo this important programme, aligned closely to our values.

Core Objectives:

  • Deliver a training and development program that defines and trains the Career Manager aligning our approach as Savanta, helping to build high performing teams and demonstrating how employees are valued and the important focus on their wellbeing and development
  • Ensure that Career Managers are supported and can develop their leadership and managerial skills within Savanta, over and above the technical and functional management tasks like effective objective setting (e.g. coaching skills, giving and receiving feedback, managing difficult conversations, decision making, team empowerment and delegation, different communication and management styles)

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