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Keep it simple and easy to find. Don’t use . , : ; “ ‘ unless specifically used by the organisation. Exception – names such as O’Driscoll.

No space between initials

Correct: IBM A&M Records Mr GB Shaw
Incorrect: I B M A & M Records Mr G B Shaw

Organisation name

Full name including Ltd or plc. If there isn’t room for the full name, abbreviate it. Do not use <.>

Association – Assoc
College – Coll
Development – Dev
District – Dist
East – E
Further Education – FE
Government – Govt
Group – GRP
Higher Education – HE
Institute – Inst
National – Nat
North – N
Services – Servs
South – S
University – Univ
West – W
Business – Bus
International – INT
Public Relations – PR
Company – CO
Organisation – ORG
Centre – CTR

If a name contains an area, always put this first as it makes it easier to find later.

Correct: Ealing Borough Council Oxford University
Incorrect: London Borough of Ealing University of Oxford

Organisation address

Always obtain the full address, with correct postcode. Call back or check online if unsure. Enter postcodes with capitals and a space.

Correct: W4 5FT CV37 7FG
Incorrect: W45FT Cv37 7fg

Only use abbreviations if absolutely necessary. Department details should not be recorded with the client, keep that with the contact. If adding a consultant without a company name; use the first line of address as company name.

SIC codes (industry codes)

Please always add. If in doubt, ask. Pick from the drop down menu. These are really important for targeting sectors separately.

Contact name

This should have three components: Title, First Name, or Initial, Surname.

Correct: Ms S Casey Ms SJ Casey Ms Sue Casey
Incorrect: Ms. S. Casey Ms S J Casey Sue Casey

Job title

Always include the contact’s full job title.

If the contact specifies a particular section, department or post point for their mailing address, you should include these details under the contact not the organisation’s details.

Ms Sue Casey
Marketing Manager (3rd Floor)

Abbreviate as follows if you have to:

Assistant – Asst
Administrator – Admin
Personal Assistant – PA
Executive Assistant – Exec Asst
Human Resources – HR
Director – Dir
Executive – Exec
Marketing – Mktg
Manager – Mgr
Officer – Off
Training – Trg
Co-ordinator – Coord
Consultant – Cons
Account, Accountant, Accounting – Acct
Business – Bus
Chief Executive Officer – CEO
Chief Financial Officer – CFO
Chief Operating Officer – COO
Consumer – Consmr
Digital – Dig
General – Gen
Partner – Prtnr
Finance – Fin

Telephone, e-mail, & web addresses

Include the STD code and separate code and main number to make it easy to read.

If it is a direct line then please put DL after the number (e.g. 020 7123 4568 DL).

If you should get an extension then please display this way e.g. 020 7123 4568 x1236.

Please enter email and website addresses fully.

Job title codes

Again, this really helps us to select the right roles to target. Please use the drop-down box.

Source code

Please do find out where this contact first heard of Savanta. If through a campaign activity please do enter the lead source – it is very powerful if we are able to do a ROI calculation on all events and activities.

Taken all that in?