Hints & Tips – 121’s

Topic Progress:

Week 2 – 1-1’s

This update is designed to help you prepare for your forthcoming 121 meeting, which will happen in the second week of the month.

What is this meeting for?

  • To look at overall performance of previous reporting period and YTD
  • To review sales activity in the interest of Sales plan, KPI’s and pipeline generation
  • To look at key focus and priority areas
  • To aid development

What areas will we cover?

  • Previous month meeting notes and actions
  • Sales results
  • Sales activity, new clients/contacts, contact across territory, client meetings
  • Review specific account/sales plans actions completed and due
  • CRM compliance
  • Development areas and support required

What information is required?

  • Data to support the areas to be covered (including PDP)
  • Notes and actions from previous meeting
  • Activity reports – Meetings & tasks
  • Sales plan/Account plans

What is your responsibility?

  • Come prepared and ensure it is a two-way discussion
  • Ensure actions are documented and followed up

How will I know if this is having an impact?

You have a good understanding of the level of activity required to achieve set targets and goals. This will provide you with a regular time to look at your development, ask for support and review.

How often do I need to do this?

The meeting will be once a month for an hour.

Taken all that in?