Hard working, approachable, great at what we do.

I like to think we’re not your normal IT team, and that we always strive to be better. From emails to laptops, permissions to security, Egnyte to Insightly, IT are here to help support you in all parts of your day-to-day job and enable you to do your best work. Working together and not against each other (there’s no “us” and “them”) means we can achieve great things, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve how we work as a business and what technology we use.

We’re here to help, beyond the usual “turn it off and back on again” (though we will occasionally ask you to do that). For all your needs please email [email protected] and we’ll do with the rest.

Meet the Team

Harry Kounougakis

IT Director

Robert Matei

IT Support

Taken all that in?