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We try to be as transparent as possible, and keep people up-to-date with all things Savanta globally.  This is done through various forums: Comms and Conversations, The Points, Quarterly Updates as well as email and Teams.  Please find below an overview of some of our key channels and links to access recent communications.

The Points

The Points is our weekly internal newsletter updating you on the goings-on in Savanta, from our performance to our people to providing you with useful updates from different areas of the business.  Please do take the time to read it each week to ensure you are kept up to date.

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Comms and Conversations

Comms and Conversations happens every Thursday in The Woolyard and acts as a good opportunity to step away from your desk, mix with fellow Savanteers and share a drink.  It also provides us with the opportunity to share information about what’s going on, from our financial progress to ways of working to great work and much more.  Please try and attend each week.  For those not based at the Woolyard or unable to attend C&C’s is always available live via Teams and a link sent after.

Quarterly Updates and All Company Meetings

Every quarter The Board provide an update to the entire company on all things Savanta – celebrating our achievements, updating on our performance against target, our strategy, key changes or things you need to know.  Not forgetting our Board Awards celebrating specific Savanteers and all they bring to making Savanta a great company to be part of.

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