Battle Card Example: BrandVue

Topic Progress:

Target Audience

Pitching & Value Proposition

Elevator pitch

BrandVue gives you the complete picture of how your brand, and competitors, perform on a daily basis, giving you complete support to track where you’ve come to date, decide what you want to do next and measure the performance of your marketing strategy and activity – all in real time. It enables you to understand not only what is happening but why it is happening too.

  • UK (Eating Out also in US)
  • 120- 250+ brands per sector
  • 50-100k interviews per year (varies by sector)
  • Daily sampling
  • 25 minute survey
  • Monthly automated reporting included
  • Online dashboard with real-time data
  • Basic audience profiling included – advanced module available
  • Pulse packages available to ask more questions
  • 20-30+ metrics tracked (varies by sector)
  • Greatest depth of data available via a syndicated tracker
  • Market currency – 40+ clients already using
  • Rich customer experience coverage
  • Ability to benchmark against a broad range of competitors
  • Ability to track response to events in real time
  • Profile lost customers and rejectors to understand why you miss these audiences
  • 10+ years of experience in these sectors
  • Instant access to trended data
  • Lower samples at brand level – especially less well known brands
  • Harder to add brands / questions as has to suit all users
  • Competitors can see the same information
  • Are they aware and do they like it?
  • What are people hearing about it?
  • Who should you be targeting?
  • Will people buy your brand?
  • How do they feel about your brand?
  • When they experienced your brand, how was it?
  • Real time: instant feedback on the latest events, meaning you can act quickly before it is too late.
  • Digestible data: designed for quick analysis to save time.
  • Incredible depth: learn not only what is happening, but why too to understand what needs to change to drive better results.
  • Flexible delivery: Excel, charts, dashboard, API – we’ll deliver whatever works best for the client.
  • Unlimited access: everyone can pull their own data, which avoids over-reliance on one team.
  • Support: team of researchers on hand to help with data analysis and a dedicated account team to help you get the most out of our data.

Understanding your audience

Brand Manager

To ensure their products/services resonate with current and potential customers. They do this by closely monitoring trends in the market and competitor performance, building a clear brand image for their  product and executing marketing activities to drive awareness and engagement.

  • How do you currently monitor market trends and brand performance?
  • Who is their current target audience and how are they measuring engagement?
  • What are your goals for the brand? I.e. pen targets, image, revenue etc.
  • What would you most like to find out about your brand/audience/market?
  • Ability to understand the why behind the what
  • Ability to track trends on a daily basis to monitor response in real time
  • Ability to both plan and measure future marketing strategies to mitigate risk and have more control over their brand growth.

Insights Manager

Centrally manage research purchasing and usage across their organisation. They will work with all departments across the business to understand what insight they need to do their jobs and then guide the decision making on what data will best suit their needs in the most efficient way.

  • What are your goals / objectives and what does success look like?
  • What research do you have already to support? Does it meet current need?
  • What are you looking for in an insight partner?
  • Win on sample and research capability (more answers from one dataset)
  • Data that will be digestible for their whole team, which will limit the number of people coming to them with questions
  • Support – we will provide collateral, training and reports to cut down the amount of time they’ll need to spend embedding the data

Taken all that in?