Example leads & outcomes

Topic Progress:
How lead came in

The lead came via the website, with little or no information other than they were looking for companies that could support them on strategic insight.

Questions asked / initial conversations

The initial conversations were fairly top-level with regards to Savanta, how we operate and how we support our clients. The key questions we asked at this stage were to get under the skin of the client and their relationship with research:

  • How is research viewed at SEGRO? Is research used to answer strategic questions or just as a nice to have?
  • What is the decision making process currently (i.e. procurement led / dealing directly with a decision maker)?
  • What challenges do they typically face when they conduct research – what do they struggle to achieve?
  • What is the drive behind expanding their customer research?
Proposals and next steps

From the initial conversation, they wanted to include Savanta as 1 of 5 potential partners. Emma Callaghan and I went into pitch to five directors about Savanta and how we can support. We have just found out we are now down to the final two. Fingers crossed!

How lead came in

The lead came via outreach from the new business team.

Questions asked / initial conversations

After providing an overview about Savanta, we dug a little deeper into what Which? wanted from their partners by asking:

  • What is most important to you from a provider (i.e. cost / timings / data quality / service)?
  • What is the most frustrating thing that research agencies do?
  • How is research structured at Which and how do you engage third parties?
  • At what stage of the process does research typically come into Which? thinking?
  • What level of service do you need from a provider? Do you need fieldwork only, or do you require us to deliver insight?
Proposals and next steps

After an initial back and forth on emails, Ross Connell went in to demonstrate how Savanta could add real efficiencies to elements of the data collection that Which? need to their 6 strong internal project management team. This then led to them sending us quotes, us delivering incidence checks for them, and ultimately projects.

How lead came in

The lead came in via the website with a basic brief for understanding and awareness of the travel app market, prior to launching their travel app

Questions asked / initial conversations

On the call it became apparent that the client didn’t fully understand research, so a precise line of questioning and recommendations were required to ensure that we built a proposal that met their needs.

  • What is the client looking to understand? What can be understood now (i.e. the overall marketplace), and what cannot be understood at this stage (i.e. customer journey / concept testing)?
  • With a limited budget, what is important to you and what level of service can Savanta provide?
  • Do you have a sense of what your target consumer is going to be?
  • How does your product compare with other similar products – what is better / what are the limitations?
Proposals and next steps

With the precise questioning, we were able to put together an appropriate target audience and approach. We built a tiered proposal, with varying levels of service provided by Savanta to allow the client to play around with their available budget, finally taking on the middle option.

How lead came in

The lead came in via the website noting that they had worked with Circle Research in the past. The client wanted some insight around both their current tenants and the commercial agents that lease their properties.

Questions asked / initial conversations

The client had a background in research, but had recently joined Citibase, so wasn’t particularly up-to-date with the brand and the difficulty of the audience. This led to questions such as:

  • What is the research being used for? What do you want to understand when speaking to both of these audiences?
  • How do you typically interact with the commercial agents? How strong is your relationship with them (i.e. if we phone them and say we are working on behalf of Citibase, would that open doors for us)?
  • What is your budget? Within the budget they had (£30,000), you can’t understand the two audiences in a quantitative manner so our recommendation was an in-depth qualitative approach.
  • What are the characteristics of your brand in terms of building / region / company type / size?
Proposals and next steps

Once we had a greater sense of what was important to the client and a broad idea of the type of individual and business we would be speaking to, we recommended an approach that split interviews across the two groups, split by urban and rural properties. The proposal has been green-lighted pending changes at the organisation.

Taken all that in?