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Suppliers reference

When running feasibility for the Brands team, there will be quotes you receive which will require getting sample from third party suppliers.

Below is a list of suppliers you can source depending on what is needed. This will range from B2B specialists to CATI contacts, as we always aim to give the research team and directors all plausible methodologies in order to meet their client’s requirements.

This is mainly a guide and one which is a work in progress. However, it is also always best to discuss with fellow team members who may have run similar studies and can advise which suppliers would work best. Do feel free to add additional suppliers as and when you use some which are not below. Pricing for panel partners, please apply ~ 20% mark up on costs shared to the team. This allows us to still make some revenue on audience. Otherwise this will run at cost, should the direct costs be shared with the end client.


They have an agreement to provide sample to us as long as it’s for brands team (old-Morar-HPI / Circle / Charterhouse)

Contact: Alex G
[email protected]
CC’ Steve Ward
[email protected]
Audience focus: B2C, B2B


Contact: Rie Prince
Audience focus: B2B, HNW, Niche targets, B2C
Feedback: Base costs £20-£30cpi, quality data

Go Branded

Contact: bidding@
Audience focus: B2C, B2B
Feedback: Data quality is not always great. As long as we are scripting this is fine, as we can clean the data.

Panel Base

Contact: Gary Chow [email protected]
Audience focus: B2C, B2B, UK only


Contact: Vik Karwal [email protected]
Audience focus: Healthcare


Borderless Access
Contact: Vivek Nair [email protected]
Audience focus: B2B- B2C


Contact: Userneeds Sales Team [email protected]
Audience focus: Nordic markets

CATI Suppliers list


Contact: David Burdon
[email protected]
Giulia Baldi
[email protected]
Audience: B2B/ hard to reach sample


Contact: Vik Karwal
[email protected]
Audience focus: Healthcare

Video add on


Contact: [email protected]
We have a special rate with Voxpopme which Pete negotiated. They charge us £12 per video. We charge to clients £20 per video including £400 set up fee. This assumes basic machine translations. Should the client require human translations, you may need to contact Voxpopme directly.

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