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With any new organisation it can take a little while to get the perfect proposal template & creds decks. Ours are always evolving!! So this page is going to be continuously updated

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Please copy and paste the following folder path:
I:\Shared\Global\Example Work\Savanta creds & proposal template

Savanta – Core creds slides

  1. These are the slides that are the core of Savanta, providing a top level overview of who we are and what we do which we can use when introducing Savanta to new and existing clients
  2. These can be used as part of an introduction to Savanta and also align with the slides in the proposal template…
  3. *CAVEAT – These are just the core slides and used primarily by Commercial when summarising Savanta at large. The practice area wrap around creds will provide further relevance and context to our sector specific creds

Data collection & analysis

  1. A standalone deck, or to be tagged onto Savanta core creds, as required
  2. Provides a full overview of our data collection offering
    • Survey Design & Scripting
    • Audience Access
    • Data Visualisation and Analysis

The proposal template

  1. Please use this template moving forwards for all proposals that require a PPT
  2. This template ensures all proposals can be consistent across the business in style and format
  3. For the bigger proposals that require additional polishing & style, we can still ask Simon M to help on this (but remember Simon’s time is money so only on big / important proposals and please keep this template as the base)
  4. Each slide marks which slides commercial are to complete and which slides need to completed by commercial + research in collaboration, or research only (this will of course differ according to the type of proposal, but for the bigger ad hoc proposals, this should hopefully provide some guidance and clarity on roles and who does what on proposals between commercial & research)

BrandVue slides

  1. BV overview slides almost ready and will be saved in this folder

Key Research services

  1. A slide outlining each of our key research services as outlined on the website
  2. Primarily for the use of the commercial team when giving a top level introduction to our research services (we will often elaborate much further on these research services for proposals)

Taken all that in?