Our History

Topic Progress:

May 2016

VIGA launched data collection specialist

Spring – Summer 2015

Strengthen business through incorporation of Nautilius, Delta and Redshift including Crowdology.

December 2014

Next15 acquire Morar Consulting as part of strategy to expand its data and insight offer

October 2016

Acquisition of HPI leading to the creation of MIG Group.

March 2017

BrandVue formally launched

June 2017

Creation of Morar HPI – consumer and brand research specialists, incorporating Cardinal (drinks specialist) and Envirosell (global shopper research)

June 2018

Acquisition of thinqonline as part of Americas expansion strategy

September 2017

Acquisition of Charterhouse Research, financial market research specialist

July 2017

Acquisition of Circle Research, specialist B2B market research-led consultancy

January 2019

Wealth-X Custom Research team join MIG

February 2019

Savanta launched

Taken all that in?