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HR System

This is our HR System. For you this is where you can log in and update personal details, make requests for time off and log your wellness absences. Any questions ask HR.


Egnyte is our shared drive (I:Drive). This is where you’ll access and save all work-related documents.  Do have a read through as this also hosts all our polices, guidance and templates. You also have a Private area on Egnyte where you can store more personal information/files. The I:Drive is hosted on our local drive but to access the web version please click below.


This is the system where you make expense claims, follow the process for creating a new supplier and create/approve purchase orders. Maconomy is installed on your machines for core use but if you’re looking to occasionally use the web version please click the access link below.  If you have any questions please get in touch with finance, or see Finance Policies & Procedures for guidance notes.


Our payday is the 25th of every month unless it falls on a weekend, then we receive payment on the Friday before the 25th.
You will receive login details from [email protected] where you can log in to view your electronic payslip each month.


This is our CRM system. We hold all key details about our clients and prospects here, recording all our interactions with them in one place. This tracks our activity, sales process, proposals and projects. It is a vital tool for our commercial development team and the business as a whole.

Get a Room

Meeting rooms bookings for 75 Bermondsey Steer are done via ‘get a room’. You need to book the room and add it into your meeting invitation. You can request catering for external meetings only.

Meeting room bookings at The Woolyard are done via Outlook.  A How-To Video can be found here


TalentLMS is our online training platform for key onboarding or yearly refresher courses, including Data security and ISO27001 introduction.


LifeWorks offers you a range of benefits from employee assistance (EAP), wellness challenges and corporate discounts and perks (available following probation).

Savanta Website

We generally get inbound leads every week through the Savanta website. If they are current clients these go to relevant account manager. If they are new prospects they are allocated to the new business team on a rota basis. The UK would deal with the all countries excluding the Americas.


To access our company Linkedin account and for you to connect with your professional social network and view and share industry articles.


If you can’t access your email or Teams on your laptop or phone you can use Office365.


Lucid is an online marketplace for programmatic access to online panels, which we use for data collection to online quantitive studies.  It is useful in reaching audiences very quickly and cost effectively due to the ability to ‘bid’ for access to sample at a price point we define.


CINT is a DIY Sampling Platform that we use for both Full Service and Sample Only Projects.  CINT also hosts our own proprietary platform, Crowdology.  We also utilise CINT to perform feasibility checks for preparing cost proposals for our clients.

Giles Travel

Giles travel is our business travel partner, for all your travel queries and booking needs. Here is a two minute intro to Giles Travel group > Found Here.  Travel must be pre-approved by your budget holder.

Taken all that in?